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Richmond to consult public on RCMP contact

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The City of Richmond will launch public consultations early next year to see if it can break out of its RCMP contract and possibly start its own municipal police force.

Published on Nov 27 2015Matt KieltykaMetroThe City of Richmond will launch consultations in early 2016 as it moves ahead with possibly breaking its contract with the RCMP.British Columbia – which has the largest deployment of RCMP officers in the country – signed onto a 20-year agreement with RCMP along with five other provinces and three territories in 2012.But Richmond city council have since raised concerns over its oversight of the RCMP’s policing plans and finances.Council asked staff to review its options and on Thursday it released a report on police services that breaks down the two remaining choices: keep the RCMP or start a new police force.

The report says transitioning to an independent police department would come with a one-time cost of $19.6 million.Staff projects the operating budget for a new police force in 2018 (the earliest one could be set up) would be between $46.97 million to $48.67 million at existing service levels, compared to $44.74 million if it keeps using RCMP.While a new force is more expensive, the report notes that Richmond currently has the second-lowest ratio of police officers to population in the region.All individual municipal police department in the region are served by more officers per capita while Richmond RCMP officers have a 40 per cent higher criminal caseload, according to the report.

Property taxes would need to be raised whether the city decides to start a new police agency or increase current RCMP staffing levels, the report states.

A statement from the city says it has not made any decision at this time, despite “significant concerns about the RCMP Municipal Police Unit agreement when it was renewed” in 2012.

Both options, keeping the RCMP or starting a new police force, will go to public consultation next year, it said.“Our council is committed to ensuring Richmond is a safe place to live, work and visit now and in the future,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in the release. “As our community grows and evolves, we want to ensure our police service reflect the community’s changing needs and priorities.”

The city will continue to be served by the RCMP in the interim.

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