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7 Best Windows Automation Softwares

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                                                        Who would not prefer to use software which can mimic their many activities and perform them alone,  such as filling online forms, submitting forms,  FTP transfers, read and write data to excel files or connect to SQL database for update process, harvesting data from web pages and many more small activities. Windows Automation Softwares allow you to create your application based on your mouse movements, keyboard uses and time, they records all actions done by you and then convert them to executable script which can be converted to .exe for further use.

You can create Macros and apps for automating your work such as fill and submitting forms or updating your database with harvested data. I usually use iMacros script on my Firefox browser for filling registration forms on sites but that software is limited to browsers like Firefox and Chrome. For windows, there are many Windows Automation Softwares are available but its hard to select best from them. Based on popularity and features, we have came with our list of 7 Best Windows Automation Softwares which very extremely handy and easy for creating macros or apps for your daily work.

1. Autohotkey
It is first on our list because it offers high amount of features and in depth customization to create complex macros script and apps. It let you remap the keyboard, override the default shortcuts, control mouse using keyboard or joystick, make a scheduled system backup program, respond to signals from remote controls, run existing Autolt scripts and converts any script into exe file, so any computer can run that program without having to install AutoHotkey.

It can easily simulates the keystrokes pressed and moused clicked as well as manipulate processes and windows. It is completely free of any cost and its open source too. It means, if you’re a developer then you can own modify it for better outcomes.
2. AutoIt
Just like above, its freeware scripting language to capture the windows GUI to make automation apps. It also captures the keystrokes, mouse movements and widows manipulation to automate the task. According to developers, it can interact with all standard windows controls, supports complex expressions,  it directly call DLLs and API functions and work with all version of windows.
It comes very easy to use interact to build apps and scripts but if that’s not enough then for that, there are tons of help available to guide you further if you stuck anywhere.
3. WinAutomation
Another most popular automation software, claims to be the most advanced automation software with built in macro reader and web recorder. It let you customize your system in such way so that it can perform many repetitive task in absences of you to save your lot of time. Using it you easily update your excel files, automate your FTP transfers work like uploading or downloading files from server, manipulate files-folders in any possible way, filling and submitting web forms and mach more.
WinAutomation let you convert your created scripts to executable EXE for further use. Well this software is not free but trail version is available to test and examine what it can do for you.
4. IronAHK
Next on our best Windows Automation Softwares list is IronAHK, its almost like AutoHotKey scripting language loaded with powerful and easy to use features to create macros. Just like all it simulate keystrokes  movements and manipulate windows and processes as well. You can create GUI based apps, it completely free to use and edit as its open source too.
It works on multiple Operating system, like to run on windows based devices it needed .NET and for Linux/Mac it need Mono. To get started as newbie, there is good helping resource to guide you to build solid apps.
5. Macro Express
Another paid software, macro utility to automate your boring and repetitive computer task. It help you to work fast, more reliably and save you a lot of time. You can record keystrokes and mouse movements or either write instruction to develop the macros. It does not requires any kind of programming skills to create apps, just need to capture the process once and let it do that again for your. Designed to save your time and increase productivity.
It comes with 30 days  trail pack to explore it before made a purchase. There are two paid versions available, Macro Express for $39.95 and Macro Express Pro for $59.95 . Apart from these two, another portable version is also available which can be used through any storage media such as USB or CD drive.
6. JitBit Macro Recorder
What if you needed more than just keystrokes and mouse movements recorder, JitBit Macro Recorder is what you should get. The claim to be a best macro creator for Windows OS, it can do more than just simulating keystrokes and mouse movements. You can also add many commands to perform particular task. You can use it to automate all types of repetitive  tasks such as auto-fill forms, generate reports, updating database etc.,
It comes in three pricing based on available features, basic version comes for $39, Pro version is at $69 and full featured Premium version is available at $99. Trial is also available.
7. PhraseExpress
Last but not the least, PhraseExpress is very decent scripting language software, easy to use comes with very powerful features to build awesome macros within low time. It almost same as other listed above programs but it offers Text Expander features also. Perfect for those people who heavily make use of the text expanding feature of the software in question.
It let you organize frequently used text snippets, expand abbreviations in any program, automate any repetitive tasks, auto complete repetitive phrases, correct spelling mistakes in applications and its 100% for personal use.
So, here end our list. That’s all about our list of 7 Best Windows Automation Softwares for Creating Macros & Apps. If you have experience with these apps and want to share your experience then you can share it via commenting below. If you have any suggestion to improve our list the let us know.

One another major automation tool…WinTask…its been around for sometime and its uber powerful … somewhat complicated to get a hang of — but I guess that’s the trade off.


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